North-East Scotland Hair and Beauty Festival 2012 – Aberdeen Beach Ballroom 19th November

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2105288_origIt was an early start. Too early for me. Up at 5am. Pick up my model, Agija, at 6:30am. Fall into the bus for Aberdeen outside Inverness College at 6:45am, joining the rest of the Inverness College Crew. Doze on and off on the 3 hour drag along the A96, barely noticing as the towns and villages roll by.

Finally, and thankfully, we reached the Aberdeen Beach Ballroom too tired to talk much and desperate for a now-very-late breakfast and coffee to kick-start my day properly.

It was freezing when we stepped off the bus at 9:40, and the Ballroom was already busy, meaning we had a long wait in the queue to register for the Festival.
Once settled into my ‘station’ I immediately started on my model Agija’s bridal make-up, finishing by 11:30, well ahead of my Bridal Hair competition time-slot of 3pm.

The Festival was already running late, which meant I had to wait until almost 4:30 before starting Agija’s bridal hairstyle – a retro, ‘40s style, topped off with a discrete black veil.
I managed to finish Agija’s hair inside my allotted 45 minutes, and then spent another 45 minutes biting my nails until the 6pm award ceremony.
My nerves increased as the judges made their way through the earlier categories until they came to the Bridal category. I held my breath.
“Third place goes to…(damn the pauses!)”, not me.
“Second place goes to…(double-damn their pauses!!)”, not me again! Agija and I looked at each other, braced for disappointment.
“And first place in the Bridal category goes to…” (super-long-annoying pause) “…Anna Zelanika from Inverness College!” For a heartbeat I questioned if they’d REALLY said my name. I looked at Agija and she was grinning like a Cheshire Cat! I HAD won! Wow!!!!! Anna Zelanika, North-East Scotland Hair and Beauty Festival 2012 Bridal Hair Award-winner! It had a great ring to it! =)

I was dumbstruck! Lost for words! Which as anyone who knows me, doesn’t happen very often! I hugged Agija
I almost silently picked up my prize – a Matrix Gift Set, Award Certificate and medal – and posed with Agija for the official (and unofficial) photos.

We were bundled back on the bus, and with a short stop at a local supermarket for a bottle of bubbly, and a celebratory ‘meal’ a McDonalds(!), we all headed back along the A96 towards Inverness. The journey seemed to whizz by, probably because I spent so much time phoning friends and family to share my good news.

I arrived home tired but happy, and was greeted by my boyfriend with ANOTHER bottle of bubbly!!

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