Even Grooms Need Grooming

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Even Grooms Need Grooming

In this day and age it is not surprising that men take as much pride in their appearance as the ladies, and many want to look their absolute best on their Wedding Day. After all, both bride and groom want to feel amazing on their Big Day.

  • As with the ladies, skin prep for grooms should start weeks before the big event. A nice facial scrub once a week should be used for about a month before the wedding, followed by moisturiser and an eye cream. If the groom doesn’t have a skin care regime in place yet, it is best not to try new products days before the Big Day as with all the stress this may result in allergic reaction and breakout.
  • A professional manicure for men is a must before the wedding, as healthy-looking soft hands will look amazing on all those close-up photos of your rings. If your man is not a big fan of beauty salons, get him to trim his nails and push back the cuticles (for example, after a bath or a shower, as water will soften the skin). Get him to add few drops of nail oil into the cuticles and apply his (read: ‘yours’) favourite hand cream to nourish and moisturise the skin on his hands. This will make a world of difference!
  • Unless your man is sporting a very trendy hipster beard (which is best to be kept in perfect trimmed condition!) – clean shaven look is super hot all year round. No doubt that over the years he has perfected his shaving technique whether he uses an electric shaver or an ordinary blade. However, a few drops of shave oil followed by shaving gel or foam will provide perfect lubrication for a close shave, if this is what he prefers. Fragrance-free moisturiser and a spritz of aftershave will be a perfect finishing touch on your Big Day!
  • A haircut few days before the wedding is also something your man should consider. Nothing too drastic or crazy. After all – you want to see a perfected version of him and not someone you will barely recognise at the altar!
  • On the day of the wedding, your make-up artist may offer your man a light spritz of Oil control spray to keep the shine at bay. I really like the Skindinavia Oil Control Primer and Finishing spray and Mac Oil Control Lotion, which will minimise oil production and therefore ensure matte finish and perfect complexion all day long.

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