A Bride’s Guide to Perfect Wedding Day Skin


nevestaIn the months, weeks and days leading up to your wedding, it is important to take care of your skin by following a good skincare regime to ensure your skin glows on your Wedding Day. Having healthy, even and clear skin is the key to achieving your perfect look. This also means you won’t have to use a very heavy foundation and lots of concealer; so creating the most natural look will be very easy.

Depending on your skin type and concerns you may have (like spots, clogged pores or black heads), there are a variety of approaches to skincare that may be suitable for you. Below is the kind of skincare regime every professional beauty therapist would advise you to follow from six months prior to your Big Day.

Many women use a daily 3-step skincare routine: cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Depending on your skin type and products you choose to use, a daily routine will condition your skin, maintain healthy moisture levels and reduce excess oil production which may lead to clogged pores. All these factors can reduce the occurrence of spots and open pores, as well as improving flaky, dry and dull skin. Moisturising your skin on a daily basis will also protect your skin from the environmental damage which can cause premature ageing (pollution, smoke, UV rays, air conditioning and stress). If you don’t have a proper daily skincare regime, then 6 months prior to your wedding day is the best time to start, as it will take a couple of months for your skin to adjust to the routine and start showing signs of improvement.

If you do have a skincare regime, you may wish to have it reviewed if you still have some problem areas or concerns. If you have been following the same skincare regime for the last two years or more, it is worth having a change because your skin gets used to the products, and so won’t be able to offer your skin any further improvement than it provides already. The time of the year is also a key factor in choosing a skincare routine, particularly for combination skin types which may need more hydration in the colder, winter months. If you are getting married abroad in a particularly hot or cold country, your skin will need to adapt quickly to the change in temperature, and the skincare you use can help protect it from the drastic temperature changes and climate differences.

1 month before the Wedding you should start using moisturising, deep pore cleansing facial masks (depending on your skin type) at least once a week prior to your wedding day to target the most problematic areas and give your skin a little boost.

2 weeks before you could have a professional facial peel at your chosen beauty salon. It’s not the best time to experiment with a shop-bought kits. A facial peel will help remove a top layer of skin to reveal brighter, more radiant and youthful skin.

If you thinking of shaping your eyebrows and giving them more definition, it is best to do this around 1 week before your wedding. Shaped eyebrows add more definition to your face and create a more groomed look.

A couple of days before your Wedding – including the morning of your Big Day – and in addition to your daily skincare regime, you should exfoliate your skin using a gentle exfoliator (use a face cloth, exfoliating sponge or a facial scrub) and use a stress-relief face mask to add radiance to your skin. This will help your skin look flawless and photogenic all day and provide a perfect base for your Wedding Day makeup.

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