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preparing for your wedding can be a very exciting but very stressful time for every bride-to-be. So many things to consider: what hairstyle to choose? What colour lipstick to pick? Tan? Or embrace your natural complexion? The main thing to remember is to go with whatever YOU feel the most comfortable with. Quite often I see bridesmaids or the bride’s close relatives taking complete charge of the bride’s appearance, and that way reliving their own dreams.

Bridal Hair and Makeup by KGB Salon, Inverness

So here are my top tips for brides-to-be to consider:

1. Plan ahead and book in advance.

Choose your favourite hairdresser and makeup artist carefully, and book them well in advance. Do your research, check their website, photos of their work and budget up front. A professional-looking website and positive client testimonials are a good starting point. An experienced and in-demand hairstylist and makeup artist will also have photos of previous bridal work which may give you some great ideas for your own wedding hairstyle or makeup look. Remember, if you want to secure the services of the best hairdresser and makeup artist, they’re always in big demand, even in Inverness, so book well ahead!

2. Book a trial.

Some brides may think this is unnecessary, but regardless of how fantastic your bridal stylist is, it’s you that has to make the final decision whether you would prefer an updo, curls, pleats or something totally different.  It’s very unlikely that your stylist will have enough time on your wedding day to change your style multiple times. Just because you love that funky style you found on Pinterest this doesn’t mean that it would work with your hair length, or that you would even like it! Makeup trials are essential too, as your makeup artist will advise you on the lipstick shade you should pick up for touch-ups, as well us making sure you’re comfortable with the bridal look created for you. What many brides don’t realise is that wedding day makeup is a little heavier than every day makeup. This is an important thing to consider as you have to look stunning on all your photos and videos, as well as in person. Your makeup also has to stay perfect all day long, and not wash away with tears (yours or others).

Trials also ensure that your stylist knows exactly how long it will take to create your bespoke hairstyle and makeup look. Like the wedding day itself, a rehearsal makes sure everything is perfect on the day!

3. Don’t change your beauty routine at the last minute.

Whether it’s trying a brand new eye cream, or going for a fancy “Vampire Facelift”, make sure it’s not just before your wedding as you may end up with an allergic reaction, pimples or any other nasties that could spoil your day.

4. Tan or no tan.

If you decide to opt in for a spray tan, make sure you have a trial a few weeks before to ensure you are very happy with the result. You will look stunning without a tan too, but if the tan goes wrong, it may just be too late to fix that terracotta shade. Normally, if the wedding is on Saturday, I suggest that the bride has her tan applied on the Thursday.

5. Appoint a designated “makeup friend”.

It is most likely that you won’t be carrying a handbag with you on your big day, so make sure you know which one of your bridesmaids or friends will be carrying your lippy, tissues and powder compact, so you can call on her (or him) at any time during the celebrations.

6. Don’t forget your hands.

Make sure you book your manicure/pedicure appointment in advance too. Something like Gelish will work great, as it provides strength to the natural nail as well as adds shine and provides a perfect no-chip finish for up to 3 weeks.

7. On the big day…

Make sure to wash your hair the night before, avoid using any products (unless advised otherwise by your stylist, I recommend putting a little styling mousse through the hair) and don’t straighten your hair as this will make curling the hair very difficult.

There’s no need to apply any of your own makeup on the day, and just use a light moisturiser rather than any fancy serums or oils, as they may not work under the makeup your makeup artist will apply.

Anna x

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  1. Kim Kirkham
    Kim KirkhamReply
    October 15, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    Hi – I’m getting married at Bunchrew House in Inverness on Sunday 27th August 2017. How much would you charge to do my hair and 5 others. Also how much extra would it be to have 2 flower girls done too?

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